13 Awkward Flirting Situations Only Lesbians Would Understand

Below are 13 of the most awkward situations when you think you crush is flirting with you but you are not 100% sure if she is even gay or somewhere in-between.

1. When she texts you on a regular basis and then freaks out if you don’t text back fast enough.


2. When she asks you why you aren’t dating anyone, and you want to say: 


3. When she asks if you want to hang out outside of work, and you’re like, WHAT DOES THIS REALLY MEAN?


4. When she asks what your weekend plans are and if they include her.


5. When you’re having dinner together and she asks if you want to grab drinks after. 

6. When she introduces you as her girlfriend to her friends, and you think, wait… what?

7. When she brings you as her date to an event, and you’re, like, wait is this a date-date?


8. When she asks for your number.


9. When she asks why you haven’t reached out recently.


10. When she texts you photos and asks what you think of her outfit. 


11. When she asks if you are seeing anyone.


12. When she invites you over to hang out at her house. Just the two of you. 

13. At the end of the day, though, it’s like Kstew says:

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