5 Questions Lesbian Hate Hearing When They Get Engaged

If you think these questions are NOT stupid…ask yourself.. would you ask a “Hetero” this?

5. Wait, your engaged to a woman?!?

Yes, a woman. Those who aren’t close to me at work may not know my love for the ladies and when they see my big sparkler and ask about “him” they get a bit of a surprise when it’s a “her.”

4. Are you getting her a ring?

The simple answer is no. Although many gay couples (even a few straight ones) get there soon-to-be-spouse something special to commemorate the engagement. For now we are staying traditional on that front.

3. Why didn’t you propose? 

When we first started dating we discussed it and my fiancée said she wanted to handle this particular milestone. Once that was decided I put my proposal-planning hat away and let her take the reigns.

2. Can you actually get married?

This question is unfortunately more valid than most, and the answer is yes! Being from Florida our upcoming marriage will be legal.

roll your eyes eye roll gif

1. Are you both going to wear dresses?

Definitely not. I’ll be the only bride in the big, sparkly, white dress. My beautiful bride will be rocking a killer suit.



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