As skeletons, can you really tell the difference between LOVE?

Take away all the labels, and leave just the bare bones. Because Love knows no gender. Love knows no disability. No age,no race. Finding we share more than we allow ourselves to believe.

Upworthy’s video is an uplifting expression of the human spirit. Watch! It’s guaranteed to turn any lousy day into a positive one!
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Lesbian Pride

Thank you for visiting his site is dedicated to the Lesbian community, to show support, share Lesbian News and LGBT news, spread messages, and create an environment of peace, love, and freedom. Please site this page with as many people as you can! You DO NOT have to a Lesbian to be a part of the community. We love and accept everyone!! The only thing we DO NOT accept is hate. If you do not like something or what someone said please address it in a mature manner. Please do not post anything disrespectful. Or you will be deleted and banned. And that's a promise ;) Other then that have a Rainbow Day!