These Children Of Same-Sex Parents Don’t Want The Plebiscite

Kids of same-sex parents and their households will take a trip to Canberra in mid-September to ask politicians to stop the marital relationship equality plebiscite.

The NSW and Victorian branches of the Rainbow Households group have approached a variety of new MPs for conferences on September 13, as well as experienced politicians they feel would take advantage of hearing from the kids.

“The PM’s office has actually said he is not able to satisfy us, however we prepare to keep asking,” stated Rainbow Households Victoria convener Felicity Marlowe.

Ten-year-old Sadie told BuzzFeed News she is worried her family will be injured by the “no” project.

“The ‘no’ project might say bad things on TV and on posters, like our household is wrong and must have a daddy,” she stated.

“It makes me feel sad. Because we’re a normal family. We should be respected the same way as others.”

These Children Of Same-Sex Parents Don't Want The Plebiscite2
Marlowe stated Rainbow Households is concentrating on the plebiscite because the children of same-sex parents are typically utilized as ammo by “no” advocates.

Her 10-year-old son, Callum, agrees.

“Campaigners think you’re a helpless kid who deserves a dad. Nope, I feel great,” he said.

The federal government remains determined to hold a national vote on marriage equality, in spite of it looking most likely that the enabling legislation will fail in the senate.

Labor has greatly criticised the proposal and looks set to vote against it, although the party has actually not announced a main choice yet. The Greens and Nick Xenophon MPs have declared they will vote versus the plebiscite.

While the politicians struggle with getting the numbers, Callum hopes speaking straight to MPs, as a kid with two mums, might “really change their minds”.

“What they usually hear is someone from the Greens arguing against them,” he stated.

“It’s not [my mums] being married that I want, it’s them being treated equally. At the moment, it says ‘You’re down there, we’re up here’.”

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