Demi Lovato’s Pro-LGBT Declaration at the Billboard Music Awards Struck All the Ideal Notes

Demi Lovato is everything about LGBT rights, and she has actually been for a while.

Just last month, LGBT media guard dog GLAAD granted her with its Lead Award, presented to people in the media who have made a big difference in promoting equality and acceptance. Basically, it’s like a super-duper ally award.

” Demi Lovato has regularly utilized her platform as a successful artist to send out messages of acceptance and assistance to LGBT individuals everywhere,” said GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis. “She is an extraordinary ally who is committed to assisting youths welcome who they are and live the lives they love.”

So it ought to come as no surprise that she utilized her performance at the Signboard Music Awards to make a statement about equality.

Lovato existed to perform her single “Cool for the Summer season,” however what was really cool was what she was wearing: a mesh shirt with a symbol that’s concerned represent trans people in the ongoing defend trans legal protections (and the opposition’s fixation with restrooms).

A couple of weeks back, she and trip mate Nick Jonas made the decision to cancel their North Carolina reveals over the state’s anti-trans HB2 law.

Similar to Bruce Springsteen and other artists did. It’s a strong declaration versus a prejudiced law.

The absolute coolest part? Replicas of Lovato’s t-shirt will be sold at upcoming trip dates, with proceeds supporting LGBT companies in North Carolina.

When all eyes were on her at the Signboard Music Awards, she didn’t let the chance go to waste. That’s what makes her a great ally.

Long way to go, Demi Lovato.

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