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Texas pastor Rick Scarborough, who vowed to set himself on fire if marriage equality happened and then didn’t, said on Tuesday that he loves gay people and is just trying to save them from hell.

Then Scarborough vowed to continue to fight gay marriage by giving it a try himself. In an op-ed published Wednesday for Variety’s special marriage equality edition, Scarborough claims he will divorce his wife and marry his longtime best friend, Chip Douglas.

“I believe that most homosexuals in America are like most Christians; I just don’t think they have a right to get married. And yes I said I would set myself on fire, but then I realized that would be very painful and had to admit I was a big wuss. With marriage equality now being legal, even in my home state of Texas, at this point I am left no choice. The only way I can fight gay marriage effectively now is to really get up in there and fight it from the inside. I need to see what they’re thinking, what they’re feeling,” Scarborough writes.

Scarborough founded two antigay groups: Vision America and Tea Party Unity, and also runs the Judeo-Christian Council for Constitutional Restoration.

The homophobic pastor has previously vowed to go to jail to fight marriage equality. Scarborough is also close personal friends with the infamous Jim-Bob and Michelle Duggar.

Scarborough went on to complain that the portrayal of him in the media will likely be negative and critical:

“Yes, I’ll be having sex with my new husband. It’s needed to find out how to defeat gay marriage permanently. Those folks in the media will probably say that I’ve been a self-hating gay this whole time…which I haven’t!”

Scarborough finished his Variety op-ed:

“I do not hate homosexuals and I’m not out to hurt them. I love them, for example I love my new husband Chip so very much. I love God, His Word, and His truth. I just need to give this a try and be gay married to Chip and lay low for a while till I figure out how to overturn that Supreme Court ruling.”


From: Pastor Vows To Fight Gay Marriage By Giving It A Try | God.



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