Ruby Rose’s Sexiness Is Apparently Turning Straight Women Into Lesbians

Since it premiered a couple of years ago, “Orange Is The New Black” has been praised for its refreshingly honest portrayal of women from all walks of life — and considering it’s a show about women in prison, the topics of gender and sexuality tend to pop up fairly frequently.

From examining the under-explored emotional side of a lesbian relationship to Boo unashamedly attempting to seduce every single inmate in Litchfield (regardless of each’s personal preference), the show is never shy about its progressiveness.

The third season is no exception.

I attempted to show Netflix who’s really boss by going outside this weekend, so I haven’t had the chance to meet Stella, the character portrayed by Australian renaissance woman Ruby Rose:


Over the course of the first couple seasons, Piper spent a fair amount of time trying to figure out her sexuality, and it would appear that Rose’s aesthetic is making some of the show’s viewers do the same (she came out as a lesbian, but doesn’t identify with a gender).

I went to the hyperbolic part of the Internet to look at some of the responses to her role, and it would appear a lot of self-professed straight women would be willing to make an exception.

I’m not sure this is how most people “decide” to be gay, but what do I know?

There’s a reason I mostly cover videos of small children doing embarrassing things instead of gender issues.

In addition to acting and modeling, Ruby Rose apparently practices sexual magic and sorcery in her spare time.


There are even some interested male suitors who don’t understand how biology works.

Of course, these responses do raise an important question concerning the negative impact of being flippant toward issues that seriously affect millions of real, actual gay people on a daily basis, but that’s not as fun. I’ll just leave this here:

Ruby Rose’s Hotness Is Apparently Turning Straight Women Into Lesbians.


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