Top 7 Best Lesbian Apparel Of 2015 (So far..)

These are number based of the amount of social attention and overall sales made in 2015 so far… If you think we are missing something please comment below and we will be sure to add it.

#7 Oldie But Goodie The Original Lesbian Pride Symbol


#6 Yea I am a lesbian AND I have a hot and awesome girlfriend!


#5 I Love Wife! Inspired by Portia



#4 The OG Rainbow Lesbian Pride Symbol – The Classic Lesbian Symbol remixed with a rainbow


#3 Marilyn’s Pride



#2 Happily Married! And Proud of it!



And finally….

#1 Golden Rainbow Lesbian Pride With Wings…. say that 3x fast 🙂

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If you think this was pretty accurate! Please be sure to share this! If you think we missed something please comment below!



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