Top 21 Rainbow Gayest Halloween Costumes

Hey everyone so I know Halloween is coming up and I was looking for something cool.. and well I ended up search for “Gay Halloween” costumes.. LOL! And I made this list for you.

So I want to say this goes in a certain order but really I ordered it by Gayest x Coolest x My Likelihood of wearing this after Halloween! 😉


#1 – Unicorn Head

What should you wear underneath? Who cares! Everyone will be so distracted by your amazing unicorn head, no one will notice!


Check out the unicorn head!

#2 – Purple Unicorn

If you love unicorns and want to have hooves!top-gay-rainbow-customes-12

Click here to order your Purple Unicorn Head 

#3 – Ball Pit

You can create OH SO many inappropriate jokes!

Click here get your Ball Pit

#4 – Rainbow Clown Wig

You can rock with or without the clown makeup.

Order The Rainbow Clown Wing. 

#5 – Crayons Man

Its like the ice cream man but in crayons. LOL!

Be a Crayon Box! Click here!

#6 – Unicorn Rainbow Bangs White Wig

Try and say that 5x fast!

Get your Unicorn Wig

#7 – Rainbow Mullet Wig

Because mullets should never go out of style.

Get ye mullet here. 

#8 Rainbow Cape

Because a cape is good to wear any day!

Get your cape today!

#9 – Rainbow Purple Unicorn Trophy

It would be really cool if you wore this with hunting clothes.

Click here to get your Trophy Unicorn Head!

#10 Adult Rainbow Dash Costume.

This is cool because its for adults.

Click here to learn more about this Rainbow Dash costume.   

#11 – Rainbow Clown Cute

So this is just a cute version of a clown.


Click here to order this costume. 

#12 – SNL Super G

I thought the G stood for Gay but I think it stand for Gary.. right?

Click to get your Super G suit. 

#13 – Adult Care Bear

I loved the Care Bears growing up…and I still do 😉

Order your Care Bear today!

#14 – Skittles Costume

Insert inappropriate jokes…

Skittles, get the costume click here! 

#15 – Be yourself, unless you can be a rainbow.. then be a rainbow.

Click here to be a Rainbow for Halloween. 

#16 – Rainbow Wig

For some people thats all they need. Shoot I would wear this everyday! You?

Click here to learn more about this wig!

#17 – Rainbow Dash Wig

Because again, sometimes thats all you need.

Get you Rainbow Dash Wig click here. 

#18 – Mo Hawk Rainbow Wig

I would wear this out every day..

Get this Mo Hawk. 

#19 – Rainbow Fairy with wings

YES! yes and YES!

Be A Fairy Get This Costume. 

#20 Rainbow Hat

When you are just being lazy but still wanna feel a part of the party.

Get the hat here. 

#21 Tutu and Leg Warmers

This pretty much goes with any costume that doesn’t have any bottoms.

Click here to see more!

…and honorable mention.. Rainbow Dash Socks! Grab a pair of socks today!

COMMENT BELOW! Which one did you like the most!

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