What Do You Wish You Had Learned About Going Through High School As An LGBT Teen?

Being a teen is difficult and confusing things. But being a teenager who is also figuring out their sexuality– or has it all found out, but isn’t in the most ~ affirming ~ environment? That’s next level tough and confusing.

As if high school wasn’t tough enough.
You’re dealing with school, buddies, exactly what you wish to be when you mature, hormones, and, obviously, getting crushes on all the wrong people.

Whether you began to come out to individuals in high school, or waited till after graduation, or still haven’t– everyone’s story is a little bit various.

Possibly you experienced falling in love (or horrible heartbreak) for the very first time?

What Do You Wish You Had Learned About Going Through High School As An LGBT Teen2

If the very first relationship is the sweetest, the very first break up is the absolute hardest.
Hopefully, you never needed to experience bullying from your peers, however if you did, how did you survive it?

Did you most likely to a good friend, moms and dads, or a counselor? Help can originate from numerous locations.
Did you end up joining school clubs or activities that made you feel more in the house?

Absolutely nothing like discovering “your individuals” to make those teen years a little much easier. Perhaps you joined the gay-straight alliance at your school, perhaps you began the GSA at your school– or, perhaps, you avoided all of it together.

Maybe you weren’t able to start openly transitioning– or perhaps you were, which brought a whole host of other problems.

Did you rapidly understand that sex ed wasn’t going to cover all the important things you wanted to know about?

Or perhaps you struggled to fit in while staying real to your badass gender non-conforming self?

It was hard being that fantastic.

Ok, it’s probably was not all so bad!

What Do You Wish You Had Learned About Going Through High School As An LGBT Teen3

So, what suggestions about school, love, and coming out would you offer to your previous (most likely acne-prone) teen self?

Everybody has a unique experience in high school and everybody deals with the ups and downs of maturing differently– we want to hear a bit of your story!

Share your advice by leaving a comment below!



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